My angel of the morning sky

The morning sky is upon me
I sit and look up and what do I see
The sun shining down on me
Take a deep breath
Relax my mind
and just try to unwind
The worries of the week before
are done and over
Now its time to just sit back and
watch it all go by
my heart reaches a point
of overwhelming thoughts
and now I am at peace
as the sun cores me
Now would be a good time
for you to just walk by
maybe say hello
Just visit me
catch up on old times
and all that has gone by
so much to say
I want to tell you all about my
latest crazy days
and introduce you to a friend
you would like him you really would
So I sit back and watch the morning sky
as the sun shines
and the clouds float by
In my morning sky
I miss you
so much to say
how did it all slip away
I hope your doing well
hanging out somewhere up there
My angel in the morning sky
oh how I wish you could
just stop by
My sweet angel in the sky


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Comments (1)

  1. Tony51203

    Very nice. I’d like to sit with you a spell, have a cup of Joe, maybe talk a little or maybe just enjoy the stillness. It would a fine way to start the day.

    August 25, 2012
    1. tiggers
      Thank you Tony ! It’s funny cause I wanted to wake up making noise and someone told me to relax and so I did and that is how this poem came about !! coffee on my porch sounds nice and we could talk or sit still its very quiet here this morning !

      August 25, 2012
      1. Tony51203

        Mornings are always peaceful. I hate to disturb it by making noise. When I was nuts though mornings were often my worst time of day. Strange how that has changed.

        August 25, 2012
        1. tiggers

          Sometimes I am scared just to sit still and relax because then I wonder what will happen in my stillness and I think of to many things ! I guess I just really need to learn how to let the peace take over me and just relax with out thinking of days gone by or a loved one who has passed !

          August 25, 2012
          1. Tony51203

            You should try meditation. The peace, the stillness and sense of well being and being centered, knowing your place in the world and being in it is extremely profound. It could change your life.

            August 25, 2012
            1. tiggers

              I want to try that I just need someone to teach me !! I am so bad at it !! I know I need to learn ! I think it would help me major !!

              August 25, 2012
          2. Tony51203

            It’s really not hard though it takes some practice to really get there.

            You have to start by finding a spot and position in which you are comfortable and able to relax. Make sure you have a good hour to spare without interruptions.

            Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Slow it down and take deep breaths. Start inhaling at your diaghram, in through your nose, and expand your chest slowly, filling it as it does. Feel it expand. Feel the air fill it, bottom to top. In your mind visualize your chest expand and rise. See it fill with air. When it’s filled bottom to top pause for a moment the exhale slowly through your slightly open lips.

            Repeat. Again, and again, keeping your mind’s focus on your breathing to the exclusion of all else. Keep going until the deep breathes take on a life of their own and don’t need your mind’s focus to keep up the rhythm.

            At this point I start to focus on my body, one tiny muscle group at a time. I start at my toes on one foot. I picture them in my mind then I visualize them relaxing at the same time letting all tension leave them. Once they’re relaxed I move on to the next muscle group. My foot, then my calf, then the front of my thigh, then the back. I move on to the other leg, repeating the process. Then I do my arms starting at my fingers. Then my head, my face, my neck. I finish up with my abdomen then my chest, one muscle group at a time.

            By this time my body feels like limp spaghetti. Now I work to empty my mind. This can be very hard. Sometimes it helps to picture something in the darkness behind your eyes. I generally visualize a number one. First it’s two dimensional. I fill in the color, usually a gentle light blue, then I flesh it out and make it 3 dimensional. Once it’s standing out in 3D I work to make it rotate, spin it slowly around and around. When I have it slowly spinning I set it free, let it go. It begins to sink away into the distance, moving, growing smaller, shrinking until it’s just a dot and then it’s gone. If I manage to get that far then by now my mind is totally empty and my body completely relaxed. I have reached the center and float there in peace. Sometimes I’ll let a sound quietly slip out, a word, a giggle. It echoes in the darkness, the emptiness. Bounces around, seeming to go on forever but eventually it too fades and I am left in peace. Time passes at it’s own pace, not necessarily relevant to the passing of time in the outside world. After a while I wake my mind up, restart my thoughts and retreat back into the world but the peace and sense of standing solidly centered in the world remains. It can stay with you for hours.

            This is how I do it. I was taught this by a priest in 10th grade and over the years I’ve had much practice at it but I still have trouble emptying my mind more often then not. Relaxing my body isn’t so hard anymore. It’s almost second nature but the mind doesn’t like to be empty and tries to fight you. It’s ok if you don’t succeed in clearing it and entering the void. You’ve still gained a deep relaxation for your body.

            Others do it different ways. What works for one often doesn’t work for another but I think the deep, slow breathing is a key factor common to all. There’s a user on here name of Shea who is also very adept at it but she manages by visualizing places, constructing rooms, etc. If you would really like to learn you might consider searching her out. Where she works she’s giving classes on some of the techniques and she might even write a book on them.

            Don’t get disheartened if you have trouble doing it at first. Learning to breathe right is very hard and it’s an important first step. Relaxing your body is another milestone not easily accomplished. Muscles seem to develop a memory and as we get older they don’t want to relax as easily or deeply as they once did. And finally… emptying your mind completely is a very hard thing to accomplish. I might manage it once out of every ten times I try but it’s so worth it.

            Good luck!

            August 25, 2012
            1. tiggers

              Thank you very much Tony this I think will help me out lots!! I hope it works and I shall give it a good try that’s for sure !!!

              August 25, 2012
            2. cjb321

              I have tried this Tony. Cannot do it by myself. My mind just won’t let me no matter how many times I have tried. If I am with a group it is easier. I wish Tigger good luck—it may come easier for you!.

              August 25, 2012
  2. cjb321

    Beautiful write. Just want to add a phrase: Peace, be still and know that I am love!

    August 25, 2012
    1. tiggers

      Aww I love that added line my friend !! Thank you as you are just so sweet you know that !!!

      August 25, 2012