welcome to my brain ~~~

Slipping and sliding all over the place man it’s hard to dance in such a place

Raindrops falling everywhere oh how I love Mother Nature at her best

The things that cross my mind on a day when there is nothing to do

You just never know what you’re stepping into

Trying to envision   a world of

Ninja stepping roku shaku bo dancing sumos comes to my mind

Like monkey dust in the wind

As you walk about what you thought was a clear sky

Coming up with a new language all on your own

Can be a challenge for some but not me

I just think of one word and then off I go

Into my own world

Spin me around and then I will be spun

Take me or leave me

Sometimes it’s fun

Try to do a summersault and see who ends up on the other side

You never know if you never try

Laugh till you cry and stay up all night and see what can be done

Sit by the water and watch the boats go by

Imagine yourself as the captain

And then before you know it your day is done

And you my friend have gone on a glorious

Trip all on your own

Imagination is a great place just don’t let it take over reality

Only use it when there is nothing else to do or say

Close your eyes

And you will see........

Yup that’s what happens

Just do it I dare yeah !!!


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Comments (11)

  1. Tony51203

    Totally awesome. You sure you’re not running manic?

    August 09, 2012
    1. tiggers

      LMAO I don’t know I have been told I have a good imagination and I think that may be true !!! but thank you I am glad you liked this one because it was very fun to write !!!

      August 09, 2012
      1. Tony51203

        Reminds me of me when my mind’s in overdrive.

        August 09, 2012
        1. tiggers

          that is probably because my mind is always on one gear overdrive but that’s okay I have come up with a way to tame the wild beast that lurks around the corner on any given day !! I try to roll with my ideas and think of something creative and then dump the ideas into such a poem like this and then boom I am feeling great !! even though my mind tends to dance all over the place !!

          August 09, 2012
          1. Tony51203

            I see that. Seems to work wonders.

            August 09, 2012
            1. tiggers

              well for now it does and I will go with the flow and until the ideas run out and I have to think of something new !!!

              August 09, 2012
          2. Tony51203

            methinks the well will never run dry. You have a fascinating brain.

            August 09, 2012
            1. tiggers

              that is the best compliment ever I love that you said I have a fascinating brain thank you Tony !!!

              August 10, 2012
        2. celeronpaigesrocketmail

          lol tony

          August 09, 2012
          1. tiggers

            August 10, 2012
            1. celeronpaigesrocketmail

              August 10, 2012